Lewis is following in the familiy tradition and although only 16 is already performing and teaching.  Currently he is studying percussion with Alasdair Rankin at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and had drum kit lessons from Lachie Birch. He plays with the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland's Symphony and Stirling Orchestra.  At the RCS Lewis also plays in the symphony orchestra, wind orchestra, percussion ensemble and the big band.  He's also played in a ceilidh band and show band for the Edinbugh Festival and a local theater group. To enable him to continue studying Lewis has started teaching and has had some really great feedback from pupils and parents alike.  His pupils play twice yearly in a student concert. If you'd like to book a lesson on drum kit or percussion his prices start from £5 for a shared lesson or £10 121 (individual).













Lewis recently came joint 2nd to an Italian boy in the Young International Tuned Percussion Competition hosted at the Purcell School of Music in London in April 2018.  The winner being from Germany.  This now sees him 1st in Britain for his age group.   He's already playing music to be expected from students studying at further education and plans to enter the BBC Young Musician of the Year in 2022.  


In December 2018 he was invited to Maida Vale Studios in London by Awards for Young Musicians and had the opportunity to play along side the BBC symphony orchestra at the award winners day.


He recently won the district final of the Rotary Young Musician competition and was awarded  Young Personality of the Year by Falkirk and District Arts and Civic Council for 2019. 


As well as playing the marimba, drum kit and various other percussion instruments Lewis also plays the trumpet, piano and bass guitar. Although percussion really is his passion.































































Lewis blackwood - percussionist

Fund Raising


Lewis has been lucky this year to receive funding to help pay for his RCS fees, a new 5 octave marimba and snare drum.  We would like to thank the following, without whom none of his studies would have been possible. 































Below is his new £10,000 marimba.  As you can imagine this took a lot of fundraising and generosity from all of the above.  He is now starting to prepare his performance for the Rotary competition, the RCS percussion competition and the BBC Young Musician next year.  He's so thrilled. Here's the first hit!!!!!!!! His face tells it all!!!!!


































Maida Vale studios playing with the BBC Sympony Orchestra December 2018.






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